A safe destination

Are you thinking of coming to Mallorca?

Here is some important information on how to plan your visit in times of Covid-19

A safe destination

Are you thinking of coming to Mallorca?

Here is some important information on how to plan your visit in times of Covid-19

A safe destination

Are you thinking of coming to Mallorca?

Here is some important information on how to plan your visit in times of Covid-19

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Safe Travel


Although we are all experiencing difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Mallorca is still the place to escape from daily life, the place where you can make the most of the sun, nature and tourist resources. For this reason, we work hard to provide you with the safest possible holiday, implementing any necessary precautionary measures recommended by the health authorities.

Whenever you can and want to, make your holiday dreams come true. Our island is OPEN and WELCOMES you.

Enjoy our island and follow all the recommendations for preventing COVID-19.

* The information that appears here is intended to provide general information on the measures adopted during the COVID-19 pandemic but you should always double-check this information as there may be specifications, changes or updates that have not been included here.

Introduction. Arrival

A suitcase ready for a trip


Important information and established measures

Learn about the mandatory measures established, as well as some recommendations.

Valid passport


My arrival. Requeriments

If you have decided to visit the island, you may have to meet some requirements depending on your country of origin.


Being in Mallorca feels as comfortable and safe as at home


For all of us, our home is the safest place in the world. The place where we want to be. But we all also want to travel. Discover new places or get back to spaces and feelings we want to experience again. Now is the time to come to Mallorca. An island that always welcomes you with open arms, that is ready to make you feel at home during your stay.

Accommodation & transportation

Espardeña royal sea cucumbers. A pair of shoes which are a great form of transport


Transport & Rent a car

Transportation is an essential service that is operating normally, although there are other options for getting around the island.

Three stacked cushions with Mediterranean prints


Tourist acommodation

Continuously being adapted to ensure that customers enjoy a safe stay.


You decide where and when to rest. When and how to make journeys. In the most responsible way


Mallorca offers a wide variety of accommodation to suit your needs. Whatever you are looking for. Houses, apartments, small and large hotels, whose experience and know-how are the best guarantee of a perfect stay. What’s more, the transport on the island means you can move around freely and safely.

Cultural agenda

Talayotic monument at Capocorb Vell, Mallorca


Museums, monuments and other tourist destinations

Which ones are open?

A trumpet


Cultural events

Cultural venues have restructured the management of events and have established protocols to ensure a safe environment.

Leisure, shopping and restaurant business

A typical wicker shopping basket


Leisure and Shopping

Now may be a good time to enjoy the island’s well-known calm and its people.

Plate of the dish known as 'variado mallorquin'


Restaurants, cafeterias and bars

Information on catering establishments in relation to COVID-19.


Taking in and savouring unique experiences once more with people waiting for you with a smile


There is time for everything on holiday. Time to rediscover landscapes and open spaces all over the island. Time, too, to discover a unique style of Mediterranean cuisine. More ideas? Enjoy a wide range of leisure and shopping options. Where do you want to go? Where are we going today?

Beaches and sports

A golf ball



Routine in sports is often necessary for residents and tourists.

Things to take to the beach


Beaches and coves

The island’s beaches are ideal places to disconnect and enjoy outdoor activities.

Celebrations and events

Two glasses of champagne toasting


Celebrations. Weddings and similar

Although it is difficult to plan events right now, there will always be something to celebrate.

Schedule for MICE events


Congresses, seminars or business meetings

The MICE sector is adapting to new sanitary measures.


We are all looking forward to feeling safe wherever we go


Weddings, baptisms, birthdays, business meetings, conferences… all events are possible in Mallorca. An island that has everything you need for the event or celebration you want to hold, and experienced teams to make sure it is a success. Shall we get organising?

Covid-19 information

Medical and healthcare equipment: a microscope

13. COVID-19

Health structure

Hospitals spread across the island, as well as health centres in all population centres and tourist locations.

A stethoscope for monitoring COVID-19 symptoms

14. COVID-19

What should I do if I develop symptoms associated with Covid-19

Before travelling, please check that you have all the necessary documentation, in case you need healthcare during your stay.

A magnifying glass for monitoring virus levels

15. COVID-19

Current epidemiological situation

Learn about the current virus situation on the Balearic Islands.

Mallorca Safe Tourism forum