Important Information and established measures

Responsible tourism

At this time, it is everyone’s responsibility to know and follow the established mandatory measures, in addition to making some recommendations.

Current situation

The Government has established COVID-19 status levels and related protection measures.

– At the moment we are in a risk situation: LEVEL 3.

– From 4 December 2021 until 24 January 2022, there will be an obligation to present the COVID-19 digital certificate to access the interior of certain establishments. Currently these are restaurants, bars and cafés; discotheques, pubs, dance halls and nightclubs; gyms, cinemas and theatres.


– It is compulsory to wear the mask indoors and outdoors. You are exempt when playing individual sports and when walking in natural areas, such as the countryside or the beach, as long as you keep a distance of 1.5 metres from other people who are not cohabitants.

– Everyone is obliged to carry a mask, especially since it must be worn anyway in indoor areas accessible to the public.


You can buy masks, hydroalcoholic solution and hygienic products at any pharmacy. However, many shops also sell these products.

– Ensure that they comply with the regulations.

– The prices of hygienic masks are regulated by law.

Hourly mobility restrictions

At the moment, there are NO hourly mobility restrictions.

Limitations of mobility in populations of mallorca

FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT between the island’s populations.

Limitations on groups of people

– Caution and precautionary measures are recommended.

Tobacco and similar

SMOKING is ALLOWED as long as you:

– Respect social distancing.

– Are stationary.

*Smoking is prohibited on the terraces of bars, cafes and restaurants.

Social distancing

Whenever possible, keep a MINIMUM social DISTANCE from others of 1.5 m.

– This distance does not preclude the use of other physical protection measures, such as masks.

Limited capacities

Capacities have been limited:

– In each resort you can see the maximum capacity allowed.
– These capacities may vary depending on the pandemic’s evolution.

Hydroalcoholic solution dispensers

In shops and establishments there will be dispensers of hydroalcoholic solution for public use.

– We also recommend that you bring your own hydroalcoholic solution to guarantee continuous hand cleaning.

Online management, pre-bookings and electronic payments

In order to avoid crowds and to minimise physical contact, whenever possible:

– Make your arrangements online.
– Book in advance.
– Pay in advance and electronically.

Health insurance

Mallorca has an excellent health structure, both public and private:

– Before travelling, please check that you have all the necessary documentation, in case you need healthcare during your stay, and that this covers all contingencies that may arise.

– EU citizens are reminded that they must have a valid European health card (E111) in order to receive medical assistance in a public centre.

Balearic Goverment health cover: Safety Pack

The Balearic Islands offer a free COVID Insurance.

The Government provides all tourists arriving in the Balearic Islands this summer with an insurance policy for repatriation or return to their usual place of residence, as well as an interpreter service and compensation for extended stays caused by COVID-19 disease. The cost will be covered by the Balearic Islands Tourism Strategy Agency (AETIB).

On the other hand, in the event of any contagion among visitors who come to the Balearic Islands this summer to spend their holidays, as it did last year, the Government has planned a care protocol to ensure their safety during their stay. To this end, accommodation has been set up on all the islands throughout the tourist season to attend to visitors who test positive for COVID-19.

Remember to follow the basic principles

– Handwashing.
– Wearing masks.
– Maintaining a safe distance.
– Choose ventilated spaces.