Tourist acommodation

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Tourist accommodation

Continuously being adapted to ensure that customers enjoy a safe stay.

Wide offer at your disposal for a safe stay

The island has a variety of tourist accommodation: from large hotels to small holiday homes. All of these are obliged to adopt preventive measures against COVID-19 and to continuously adapt their infrastructures in accordance with the established health guidelines, to guarantee that customers enjoy a safe stay.

Some of the measures introduced consist of:

– Providing greater amplitude in the common areas
– Continuous disinfection in rooms and other areas of the establishment
– Dispensers of hydroalcoholic solution distributed at different stations
– Limitations on and control of capacity
– Turn-based access to spaces
– Online management and services

The restaurants of the tourist accommodation establishments may open for the exclusive use of the lodged clients.

Contact the establishment directly about the measures adopted in relation to COVID-19 and enjoy a quiet and safe holiday on the island.

In addition, most establishments currently offer flexible cancellation policies, in case there are any last-minute changes.

Stays in shelters, hostels or similar

It is forbidden for people of different households, overnight in the same room.


Holidays based on genuineness, peace and tranquility, away from noise and hassle, in close contact with nature.

Holidays based on genuineness

A stay in a “possesió” or country house is a fantastic way of enjoying nature, practising different, original activities and exploring the landscapes of Mallorca. It is a holiday based on genuineness, peace and tranquility, away from noise and hassle. It is a holiday in close contact with nature and the local people, far away from overcrowded, conventional hotels. If you spend your holidays in an estate you will have the opportunity of learning about the local customs and way of life, as well as the wide gastronomic offer of the island.

Old country and stately houses have been refurbished with great care to welcome guests who are looking for a different holiday. In some cases the estates are very exclusive not only because of their limited room capacity but also because of their exquisite guest service. There is a wide and diverse offer from which the client can choose depending on quality and price.

The hotels are mainly located in the Tramuntana mountains and in the plains, although you can also find rural hotels by the sea.

Due to their excellent location, quiet atmosphere and great comfort, country houses are an ideal accommodation for nature lovers. The beauty of the landscape adds to the enjoyment of a typical location in the heart of the island. Moreover, most of these hotels were and still are agriculture-based, as well as being family run. It takes you back to the typical 16th century Mediterranean environment.

Despite being in the middle of the countryside, Agroturismes are equipped with the latest technology, such as air-conditioning and heating, internet access, etc.

Check here the rural accommodation establishments in Mallorca.

Hotels and apartments

Mallorca offers accommodation for all budgets. You will find top luxury hotels and simpler accommodation.

Commitment to quality

Out of all the accommodation offer of the Balearic Islands, more than 60% is located on the island of Mallorca, with a total area of 3,640 sq. kilometers. No for nothing, some of the most internationally prestigious hotel chains took their first steps in Mallorca. Thanks to their knowledge and experience in tourism, these companies are constantly innovating to adapt to new technologies, which together with the extraordinarily beautiful natural and landscape resources make Mallorca a top tourist destination in the Mediterranean.

Most of the hotels and apartments are located in the different tourist areas along the island’s coast, near long, sandy beaches and coves. Tourist areas offer visitors a large array of services and a great complementary offer adapted to individual requirements.

For those who want to enjoy a more urban environment, the capital Palma has become a cosmopolitan destination with a wide range of accommodation options. Some of them are located in old palaces or emblematic buildings of the city.

Hotel specialization

Many hotels on the island offer a service specialized and adapted to the interests of each type of visitor. There are increasingly more hotels with spa areas where guest can relax and rest during their holidays. They offer all kind of health and wellness products. It is also worth mentioning that Mallorca has a vast experience in hosting conferences and incentive meetings. The island’s venues have meeting halls to host conferences and attend to the needs of conference organizers, giving them the possibility of holding all kinds of events in their facilities.

Mallorca also attracts a large number of sports enthusiasts, both amateurs and professionals. The island offers a wide range of facilities and specialized accommodation for this type of visitors. Thanks to the growth of sports like cycling many hotels and apartments have bicycle rental services, specific parking areas, washing facilities, repair workshops and specific menus, among other services. These specialized hotels offer hikers, nordic walkers and tennis players, as well as guests practicing other sports, a number of services linked to their active holidays.

Mallorca has many golf courses and exclusive hotels near or adjacent to the courses. This makes things easier for golfers.

The island also offers a great choice for family holidays. Most hotels and apartments have parks, swimming pools and entertainment for young and not so young guests.

Additionally, Mallorcan hoteliers are strongly committed to sustainable growth, managing waste in an environmentally friendly way, installing water-saving bathroom fixtures and even solar panels to supply clean energy to the hotel facilities.

Rural and countryside hotels

Mallorca has other options to satisfy all visitors. You can stay at hotels located in picturesque towns in the interior of the island.

Hotels in spectacularly beautiful locations

Mallorca has other options to satisfy all visitors. If you want to escape from the tourist areas and explore the Mallorcan countryside, you can stay at hotels located in picturesque towns in the interior of the island or be pleasantly surprised by some of the hotels situated in spectacularly beautiful locations, either isolated or near small villages in the mountains or the countryside. You will discover a different Mallorca, an unknown island with its own customs and people.

Rural hotels combine the advantages of an estate surrounded by nature and the service and quality of the best hotels in a welcoming environment with a very personalized treatment. Those kind of establishments are located in buildings built before the 1st of January 1940, have a minimum area of 49.000 sq m and are linked to agricultural activity.

Interior tourism includes stately houses that are located in the center of towns. They offer visitors a peaceful environment in direct contact with the customs of our people.

Check here the rural accommodation establishments in Mallorca.

Shelters, hostels and camping areas

Mallorca offers shelters and camping sites on public estates and in protected natural areas.

Direct contact with nature

For those who want to enjoy more direct contact with nature, Mallorca offers shelters on public estates and in protected natural areas. There are two networks of shelters, one run by the Council of Mallorca and the other run by the Government of the Balearic Islands, managed through the IBANAT (Balearic Nature Institute).

The Serra de Tramuntana mountain range is home to the network of shelters of the pedra en sec route (GR 221) which is managed by the Council of Mallorca. The strategic provision of shelters along the Serra makes it easy to travel the route in stages.

The mountain shelters run by the IBANAT, normally smaller, are located in the Serra de Tramuntana mountains and in the Natural Park of the Llevant Peninsula. The network has other shelters such as that of the National Park of Cabrera and those on public farms.

Reservations should be made in advance and you should check which services the shelter offers, as some have kitchens, showers, beds, linen… however, others are a hut with no furniture or services.

Free camping is not allowed, you can only camp in areas set up for this purpose and this requires prior reservation.  It is very important to remember that you can only have a fire in certain authorised locations and at certain times of year.

On the other hand, for young people, there is the possibility of staying in one of the hostels on the island.

Sanctuaries, monasteries and hermitages

Total tranquility

If you want total tranquility, staying in a sanctuary or hermitage is an option for you to consider. The sanctuaries are located in unique enclaves. Many of them are located in high places with extraordinary panoramic views. In addition to enjoying a stay in an environment overflowing with peace and spirituality, being in direct contact with nature gives you the possibility to make trips or hike in places of extraordinary beauty.